Warrior Invert Mini G Lock Clamping Feed Neck – Low Rise

Warrior Invert Mini G Lock Clamping Feed Neck – Low Rise

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The New Warrior G Lock feed neck is a great addition for any Invert Mini marker. The feed neck is easily installed on the marker by removing the stock feed neck. The Warrior feed neck screws into place and securely holds any hopper from a small neck Revolution to a large neck Halo. The new and improved adjustable clamping arm holds the hopper into place and will prevent it from falling out or rotating. This is a must have for any player who wants to have the best gear and the least trouble on the field.

The new G lock style feed neck features a longer locking arm which makes it easier to clamp your loader into place. On top of that, a gnarled clamping surface was machined to better hold the loader.


* New G Lock Leaver Arm
* Gnarled Clamp Surface To Better Hold Your Loader
* Machined From Light Weight 6061 Aluminum
* Durable Design
* Adjustable Cam Locking System
* Securely Fits All Hoppers On The Market

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Weight 5 lbs

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