New Designz NDZ (Flex Grip) Lo Rize


We put the low in our lo rize. The lowest one you can find…

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We put the low in our lo rize. The
lowest one you can find (Halo version). Whats this mean? It brings your hopper
much lower to make you and your marker less of a target. Ideal for all players.
The top row is for universal hoppers or VL Revolutions while the bottom row fits
only the Halo force feed system. They have 3 grooves inside with o-rings that
provide that added grip.

  • Custom sized for universal or

  • Halo version is very low, 1 1/4 inches shorter
    than stock and only 1 1/4 inched high. Wow..

  • Universal version is only 18.5 gr and only 1.57
    inches long. Almost 1″ shorter than stock !

  • Our universal versions length is designed to
    place the ball near the center of the hoppers eye, this eliminates unnecessary
    hopper action & noise

  • Includes and milled for 3 o-rings for more
    extra positive holding force

  • Comes in all our popular colors

*We recommend using a low rise
on vision Impulses.
May be used on non-Vision Impulse but
some users may experience ball chopping.

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