Tadao M7 Thump DM4/5/C Board

Tadao THump DM4/5/C Board

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THump DM4/5/C Board The THump board is a drop-in replacement for the stock DM4, DM5, or DMC board. Unlike aftermarket replacement chips, the THump board has redesigned hardware, providing superior battery life, increased solenoid power output, and a larger and faster microcontroller capable of handling the new Musashi 7 software. The circuit board is the most important part of any electronic paintball marker, and upgrading it can potentially change all the performance characteristics. Tadao’s leading edge Musashi 7 software provides the user with the ultimate in adjustability and speed. Fully legal in the NPPL, PSP, and Millennium tournament series Unlimited semi-automatic PSP auto-response PSP/Millennium 50% ramping PSP/Millennium maximum ramping PSP z-burst Auto-response Maximum ramping Asynchronously monitors the trigger switch using an interrupt based scan at 2 million times per second for the quickest response time and fastest semi-automatic AMB (anti-mechanical bounce) and CPF (cycle percentage filter) algorithms help to prevent mechanical and switch bounce without missing real trigger pulls Gangster setting allows 3 different options for every fire mode, giving 36 different “breakout” style modes 7 color LED provides an easy to use programming mode which allows changes to nearly any variable, including debounce, dwell, loader delay, AMB, anti-bolt stick, fire mode, max rate of fire, eye mode, CPF, Gangster breakout mode, ramp start activation, and more

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