NXE Elevation Series Harness Jet Black 2+1+2 07


NXE Elevation Series Harness Jet Black 2+1+2 2007

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In Designing the 07’ Series Harness We Put a Tremendous Emphasis on Increased Comfort, Flexibility, and Style. By Narrowing and Contouring the Body Wrap Belt, Pressure-forming and Applying a Grip-TEC Material to the Back Panel, and Using High-end 1680 Denier Nylons Throughout, The 07’ Paks are a New and Improved Version of the #1 Harnesses in the Game.



  • Newly Designed, Pressure-formed Impact Absorbing Back Panel w/ Elevated Rubber Neoprene Pads & Specially Applied “Grip-TEC” Bonding Material Induces Friction to Eliminate Pak Movement During Play

  • New & Improved Ergonomically Designed Body Wrap System is Specifically Designed to Contour & Flex With the Bodies Movement During Play to Provide Maximum Comfort and Eliminate Pak Bounce

  • Softer, Thinner, Stronger Seatbelt Material Pull Straps for Maximum Durability and Ease of Use

  • S2 Technology Friction Reduced Pod Ejection System w/ Non-Slip Elastic Ejector

  • Specially Selected 1680 Denier Elevation Nylons Guarantee Maximum Durability and Ultimate Style

  • One Size Fits All

  • Holds up to 7 pods

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