DOP Bullet On/Off Drop Forward 5525

DOP Bullet Drop Forward 5525

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Designed for the CO2 20oz, nitro or HPA player. The player that needs the big drop for the big tank.

  • It moves your tank 5 1/2 inches forward and 2 1/2 inches down.
  • Will work with all CO2
    tanks under 5.5 inches in diameter.

  • It also includes an extra 1/8 NPT hole for a gauge
    if you need it. You can either leave the plug in, or remove the plug to
    install a gauge. (The hole is plugged when you get it but not sealed. If
    you wish to keep the plug in, you will need to apply thread sealer to the

  • It has holes drilled to mount either standard or
    Spyder grip frames.


This design has the On/Off valve with degassing feature.
As you loosen the knob it will empty your gun (but not your tank) of air so that
you can unscrew your tank and not have to worry about residual trapped air or
pulling the trigger to rid your gun of the air. No more torn up tank

Because of the many different styles of marker that is
available, we do not provide the mounting screws for this item. In most cases,
the existing stock screws on your gun should work. It may also be necessary to
purchase additional gas line and fittings to allow this product to work with
your particular marker.

Color = Black
Warranty = 1 Year
Brand New!!!

Please note that this doesn’t come with the Tippmann Paintball Gun.

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Weight 2 lbs

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