Eclipse Maniac EGO Paintball Gun


Planet Eclipse Maniac EGO Marker

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Ego Features:

  • 06 Ego

  • SL
    On/Off with Purge

  • Clamping

  • 2
    piece barrel with .693 bore

  • Star
    Inline Regulator ( has a larger air chamber to hold more air.
    Regulator will recharge a lot faster.)

  • Maniac

Uncapped Ramping : the maximum rate of fire is limited by the feed
rate of the loader.

ROF Cap : the rate of fire can be capped up to 25bps in 0.1bps

Configurable Ramping : define the ramp kick-in, sustain and restart
parameters to tune ramping as required.

Debounce Levels : 9 levels provide a greater degree of fine tuning of
the trigger debounce over the standard Ego.

Backlight and Adjustable Auto-Power-Off : provides greater control
over battery life

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Weight 15 lbs


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