XSV ASA On/Off w Auto-bleed


Designed to slide into a dovetail on/off asa mounting system from XSV

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* 33% lighter than leading
* Bleed-off feature drains air lines when the front cap is
unscrewed. Saves the o-rings.
* Virtually no resistance while turning
the valve on or off.
* Rail goes from front to back so any aftermarket rail
can be used at any anjustment length.
* Only one o-ring. Least amount
of o-rings in the industry.
* Simple maintance. No unique tools
* Fits compressed air and CO2 tanks.

Designed to slide into a
dovetail mounting system. It comes pre-drilled and tapped in 2 locations to make
it easy to attach your hoses, fittings or gauges. Includes one plug for the
unused air exit holes.

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Weight 5 lbs


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