Warrior Ion 3 Point Magnetic Trigger


Warrior Ion 3 Point Magnetic Trigger 2007

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The new Warrior Ion trigger is made by players, for players.  This is one of the most comfortable triggers on the market and will get you those insane rates of fire.  The trigger has 3 adjustment points: one for the front trigger stop, one for the back trigger stop, and one for the micro switch.  This trigger is compatible with all Ion and SP8 markers.  You can also adjust the amount of magnetic return by moving the frame height adjustment screw.



  • Light Weight Aluminum Design
  • 3 Trigger Adjustment Points
  • Magnet Installed
  • Fits All Ion/SP8 Markers
  • Easy To Install

** The green, orange and pink are limited edition colors.  There are only about 100 of these triggers.  They are made to match the Smart Parts Plastic body kits.   Get them while you still can! **

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Weight 5 lbs


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