Violent Series – Proto RAIL Trigger

Violent Series – Proto RAIL Trigger

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Prostar Paintball and Warped Sportz have teamed up to bring you the latest edition to the “Violent Series” of triggers for the Proto RAIL. This trigger is made of Acetron so it is very light weight so it has that “snappy” feel and is very responsive. With permission from Jason at Techna Trigger, we have incorporate many of the features that are unique to Techna Trigger designs. The ball bearing pivot uses dual specialized flanged bearings with extended inner rings. The bearing flanges ensure that no matter how many cycles, or how hard the use, the trigger body will NEVER “walk” off of the bearing to bind on the sides of the grip frame. The extended inner rings work to position the trigger body precisely within the frame so that at no point in its travel is the trigger permitted to rub the frame. Cycle after cycle, use after use, the bearings remain centered in the frame, and the trigger body centered in the bearings. This trigger incorporates a drop in and bolt in place, “digit” pivot pin. This pivot pin will allow you to install and remove the trigger without the fear of damaging the frame or the bearings through hammering. The pin simply pushes through frame and bearings with slight thumb pressure, and is then secured with a small button head screw. There are adjustments for post and pre travel making it easy to dial in the trigger feel.

Here is what you get:

– Complete installation instructions
– Made of Acetron
– Dual bearings with extended inner rings installed
– Precision “Digit” pivot pin assembly
– Pre and post travel adjustments
– .050 allen wrench

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Weight 5 lbs

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