ViewLoader Evlution 4 Paintball Loader Egg

ViewLoader Evlution 4 Paintball Loader Egg

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The Evlution 4 paintball loader was built from the successful platform of the Evlution paintball loaders. This eye activated force feed loader is made of flexible impact resistant REVY™ material for the toughest of conditions.  

The Evlution 4 Loader feeds at 18 balls per second which is fast enough to feed with any tournament paintball gun on the market. The tooless dissassembly of the Evlution 4 loader gives you quick access to your battery compartment and makes it very easy to clean out.

The Instant Auto anti-jam feature of the Evlution 4 loader will dislodge paintballs that are stuck so your hopper will continue to feed without problems. The increased life of the Evolution 4 hopper will give you longer play while consuming less battery than ever before.

The Evlution 4 hopper has a removable ball tray which also helps with the ease of cleaning and assembly. The easy push button on-off on the Evlution 3 loader prevents accidental activation so when you throw your loader in your bag, it will never turn on.

The force feed technology of the Evlution 4 loader keeps constant pressure on the paintballs so you will never skip a shot. The three blade spring loaded paddle of the Evlution 4 loader is very gentle on paint and will give you a great feed rate as soon as you begin to shoot your paintball gun.

The flexible impact resistant shell of the Evlution 4 loader is made from the same materials as the shells of the Revolution series loaders.  The Evlution 4 hopper easily holds 195 paintballs so you can feed less and play more.

The Evlution 4 loader has a spill proof spring lid system that easily lets you load your hopper with pods. This decreases spillage and assures you that your lid will never pop open during play.


  • Evlution 4 Loader Feeds at a rate of 18 bps
  • Tooless disassembly
  • Instant auto anti-jam
  • Low battery indicator
  • Increased battery life
  • Removable ball tray
  • Easy-push on-off button
  • Evlution 4 Force feed technology
  • 3 blade spring loaded paddle
  • Flexible impact resistant shell
  • Holds 195 balls
  • Spill proof spring lid system

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