Tippman US Army Carver One Paintball Gun

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Tippman US Army Paintball Gun Carver One

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Carver One is the latest addition to the extremely popular and rapidly growing U.S. Army Paintball line. The new marker incorporates an array of eye catching and performance-enhancing features, including four Picatinny rails for easily adding scopes or handles, a built-in foregrip, built-in sling mounts and built-in sights. As an additional benefit, a stock and foregrip can be purchased separately, and then easily added to give Carver One a unique appearance and superior on-field control. An eGrip version of the new marker will also be available and is expected to retail for less than $150.


We are launching this new item to replace the Alpha Black Basic (the Tactical version will continue) because we wanted to give players a whole new military look for under $100. With the new Carver One, we have an expanded line that offers a realistic look with Tippmann durability at an affordable price.



  • All-aluminum die-cast receiver with a stainless steel gas line
  • High-performance in-line bolt system
  • Built-in foregrip, sling mounts, sights and front shroud
  • 8.5" quick-thread barrel
  • Quick-release feeder elbow and 4 Picatinny rails
  • Includes marker and maintenance pack

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