The Seventh Element Shocker Board

ANS The Seventh Element Shocker Board

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The Seventh Element Board
Nine Firing Modes:
•PSP Ramping
•Millennium Ramping
•NXL Full Auto
•User Defined Ramping
•Auto Response
•Full Auto
•Full Auto/User Defined Ramping
•Three Round Burst


* Multi Color LED
* Sound Alert
* Low Battery Alert
* Eye Malfunction Alert
* Auto Shut Down
* Tournament Lock
* 15 BPS Lock (except Ion & Mini)
* Adjustable Debounce
* Adjustable Ramp Activation Shots
* Adjustable Ramp Percentage
* Adjustable Rate of Fire
* Adjustable Dwell Setting
* Adjustable Ball Detection Time
* Anti-Mechanical Bounce
* Anti Bolt Stick Mechanism
* Adjustable Shut Off Function

* Pulse Loader Wireless Connector Pre-Installed
* Easy Installation
* Simple Programming

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