TechT Proto PMR Rail Saber Trigger


TechT Proto Rail Saber Trigger

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The Saber Series line of triggers are designed to be the best feeling, and best looking triggers available.

When designing the Saber we had two goals:

1. Make a trigger that so smooth that it felt like warm butter.

2. Design a trigger that at first sight instills fear into the heart of the opponent.

The foundation of the Saber triggers is based around their Sealed Swiss Roller Bearings. These bearings are of the worlds highest quality and make for the smoothest pull possible.

The Saber triggers are two point adjustable, and allow for the shortest trigger pull possible. Walking the trigger will be easier than ever before.

As with all of our products, this trigger was designed to be the highest performing trigger on the market. We feel confident that we achieved that goal because the Saber is the smoothest, fastest, best feeling, and sexiest PMR trigger available!

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