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The Vortex Mod is for those looking to have the fastest and most reliable cyclone feed available. …(Click picture for description)

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The Vortex Mod is for those looking to
have the fastest and most reliable cyclone feed available. Initially we were
looking to make parts that were just more durable than the stock plastic
internals. However, through our testing we started to realize that we could, and
should, actually make higher performing parts. The result was awesome!!!

We found that we were able to make the
cyclone loader work at lower pressures. During testing we ran the A5 until we
ran out of air. The result was that the loader continued to load balls all the
way down to 100-150 psi. At that point the gun stopped re-cocking. Understand
that results will vary a bit based on the condition of your cyclones internal
oring, and how well its lubrcated. But know that it will feed at lower

Typically the stock parts stop loading
balls at about 350-400 lbs. That’s enough pressure to still shoot about 200fps,
but you are forced to manually feed each ball by hand. With the Vortex Mod,
you’re cyclone will keep you in the game longer.

It makes sense that if the parts make
it so the loader takes less air to work, that they also could make the loader
work faster. We tested one of the new Tippmann 98 Pro-E with ACT (anti-chop
technology) with a standard Halo, Empire Reloader B, Standard Cyclone, and a
Cyclone feed with a Vortex Mod. We doubted that any loader would keep up to 25
BPS, but because the gun had the ACT “jam bolt” we knew it was safe to out shoot
the loader without having to worry about chopping paint. After shooting about
500 rounds through the gun with each hopper the results were conclusive. The
standard halo would feed 4-5 shots, and then stop loading. The Empire Reloader B
fed about 7-10 shots and then stopped loading. The Standard Cyclone fed about
10-15 shots and then stop loading, and the Vortex Mod would shoot nice long
streams of paint and only a skip a couple balls. Overall we were very happy to
see how well the Vortex Mod performed. We are working on getting some video
footage up that will show these results, but for now know that the Vortex Mod
makes the Cyclone feed faster.

So, if you are sick of buying
replacement internals for your Cyclone Feed, and you want the most durable,
efficient, and fastest parts available, these little beauties are for you. These
parts are made of anodized aluminum and come with a 1 year warranty.

Kit includes all pins and screws you
will need, however you will need the stock springs for the

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