Smart Parts Ton Ton NXT Shocker Paintball Gun


Smart Parts Ton Ton NXT Shocker Paintball Gun

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Smart Parts Ton Ton NXT Shocker Paintball Gun comes loaded with a ton of new features. Now you can shoot the same gun as one of the Top Pro teams in the world…. The Ton Tons could shoot any gun on the market they choose so why do you think they choose the shocker? After you see its features you won’t have to ask that question anymore. This baby comes loaded right out of the box!

* Break Beam Vision – The latest and most reliable anti-chop Vision technology is fully incorporated into the Ton Ton Shocker body with no external wires or wire covers running from the grip to the eyes.

* Integrated Air Rail – Loose the drop forward and even the rail adapter. The integrated rail system allows 3/8″ inch dovetail air system accessories to mount directly to the grip frame, or use traditional inline mounting screws.

* Rail Mounted on/off ASA – Positive air system control means longer o-ring and solenoid life. The easy to clean and rebuild design means a lifetime of reliable operation.

* Feature Packed Grip Frame – A 15 Degree foregrip built in and expanded trigger guard with huge finger space are complimented by threaded lock pins which make the trigger, circuit board and on/off button easier to change yet more secure. Recessed frame screws disappear into the grip frame for a cleaner look.

* 4 Point Ton Ton Roller Bearing Adjustable Trigger – The fully adjustable trigger can be dialed in to suit any taste, without needing to open the grip or remove the grip frame.

* New Regulator – The new Shocker NXT regulator offers increased flow rate for maximum velocity stability.

* Sculpted, Rebuild-able Ball Detent Assemblies – Left and right spring loaded ball detent assemblies are multi-axis CNC machined to integrate seamlessly into the body

Features Include:

Custom Ton Ton 3D Body Milling

Custom Ton Ton 3D Frame Milling

6000 series Aluminum for Strength and Anodizing reliability

New Front Reg. Mount design for added strength and stability

15 Degree ASA Design for more comfort

New HI FLOW Regulator

Increased Trigger Guard for more Finger Space

Custom Ton Ton Ball Bearing trigger with 4 point adjustments

Integrated Rail Mount System

Recessed Frame screws

Smart Parts Q-Lock with added threads to prevent stripping

Ion/Impulse Threaded Freak Barrel

High Efficiency Bolt Kit

Custom Russian Legion Bolt Guide

New Detent system and sculpted eye covers

Break Beam Eyes

New Instant “On” Electronic Technology (No more holding in the on/off button)

Threaded Trigger and Board Pins for easy installation

Smart Parts On/Off ASA

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs


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