Smart Parts Rain Front for the Freak Barrel

Smart Parts Rain Front for the Freak Barrel

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For the serious paintball player, a little rain never gets in the way of a
good game, but it can get in the way of accuracy. As raindrops hit a barrel,
they can splash inside through barrel ports. Water in the barrel can lead to
reduced accuracy, wild hook shots and even barrel breaks. The new Freak Rain
Front is an All American style (slender wall, mirror honed hard anodized
finish) barrel front without any porting. Specifically designed for use on
days with rain or heavy condensing mist, this new barrel front eliminates
the need for taping or covering barrel ports on rain days ? its solid
high-grade aluminum construction keeps water out of the bore.

. Fits All Americans, Freak, Freak Jr

This is not a complete barrel! This is the front tip only.

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Weight 5 lbs

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