Smart Parts Ion 2.0 Paintball Gun – 2012

Smart Parts Ion 2.0 Paintball Gun – 2012

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2012 Smart Parts Ion V2 Paintball Gun


This is the Newest Version of the Smart Parts Ion. It includes a new on/off button, barrel, asa adaptor, Feed neck, and the Max-Flow R regulator. All markers are brand new and NOT used.

Smart Parts has recently announced the new Ion Marker. The Ion was created to have all the perks of a $1,000 marker in at a mid to entry level price!

The ION is similar to your cell phone in that it is almost completely modular. The inside is built from aluminum so it’s not some cheap plastic knock-off. The outside is what sets it apart from anything else available.

The outside of the marker is a polymer compound that, like a cell phone, can be changed to make the marker look totally different. Aftermarket companies will have a field day changing the colors and looks of this Marker! Beat up your marker and it looks terrible? No worries, pick up a new set of polymer shells and your Ion will look brand new!

All looks aside… how does it perform?

Well, the ION is deisgned to have all the performance features found in markers 3 times the price. Each ION comes with unbelievable features for a marker of this price tag including:

– 17 BPS Firing rates (faster than the new PSP leagues even allow!)

– Break-beam eye system (BETTER than what is found on the more expensive Shockers and Nerves!)

– Multiple Firing Modes including Rebound (made famous by the Nerve), 3 Shot Burst, and Full Auto

– Works with Compressed Air or C02!

– Impulse Threaded Barrels will work with the ION!

– Takes a standard 9V battery

– Comes with an adjustable Vertical Regulator

– Impulse Threaded Feedneck to use any aftermarket feedneck

– Efficiency is between 1000 – 1400 shots on a 68/45!

The ION seems to have it all. Efficiency, Speed, Customization, and best of all… Price!

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