Scenario Dreams SD Spyder/Dragun/Wrath Colored Breakbeam Eyes


Scenario Dreams Spyder/Dragun/Wrath Colored Breakbeam Eyes

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Our new Colored breakbeam eyes will work on Spyder/Dragun/Wrath T-boards. It will also work with Dragun, Wrath, and Primal stock boards (with Breakbeam eyes), with would require changing the wiring and using the stock connectors. We are working on other markers they will work for and the proper wiring for all.


Compatible with:

Spyder (both VerA and VerC) T-boards

Dragun/One3 VerC T-boards

Wrath T-boards

Wrath stock board (wiring change needed)

Primal stock boards (wiring change needed)

Colored Breakbeam Eyes Specs:

3MM LED and phototransistor

4-pin 2mm Molex/HR connector

Note: The eyes will not be as bright with the stock board as with the T-Board, but still looks good!!!

Lifetime limited warranty against electrical defects.

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Weight 5 lbs


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