Scenario Dreams SD Ion/Epiphany T-Board

Scenario Dreams Ion/Epiphany T-Board

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Please note that this board was replaced with the universal t-board, which we have for sale too.  Do a search for universal t-board, and you’ll see it.

The ION T-Board is a substitute control board the Smart Parts ION. The
ION T-Board has an unlimited* fire rate and will work with the stock

Compatible with:

Smart Parts ION

Smart Parts SP-8


The ION T-Board features:

Unlimited* firing rate in Semi mode

Multiple firing modes: Semi-Auto, Reactive Trigger, 3-burst, Full-Auto, NITRO, PSP, NXL, American Milenium

Tournement Lock (NPPL, PSP, NXL, Milenium modes)

Shot Q’ing

Force shot


Adjustable Dwell

Adjustable MROF

Adjustable Debounce (Even lower minimum)

Force Semi “on-the-fly”

Adjustable Ramp activation speed

Adjustable Trig pulls to ramp

Auto off

50g switch

Re-programmable Microchip

Dye membrane pad wiring avail


LIFETIME warranty

* ROF is limited by the mechanical limit of the Marker.

Note: This option is for the board only. Customer will be responsible for installing the noid.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs


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