Scenario Dreams SD Dragun The One T-Board

Scenario Dreams Dragun The One T-Board

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The One T-Board is a substitute control board for electropnuematic Dragun Markers only. The T-Board has an unlimited* fire rate and an optional eye. If the eye is installed, it can be disabled at anytime by holding down the trigger for two sec.

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The One

The One T-Board Specs:

    36bps firing rate Tournament legal (Semi-auto only) Breakbeam or bounce beam eye option Eye can be disabled on the fly (i.e. during play) 1 million trigger pull checks per second Software debounce Fully Adjustable dwell time Fully Adjustable eye delay Adjustable Eye Sensitivity Setting to align eye during installation (Eye Alignment Tool) Upgradeable Micro controller Charging plug (hole must be drilled) 120 day (4 month) limited warranty against defects

The IR eye is available in Breakbeam and Bounce beam. The Dragun T-Board is compatible with the stock Dragun Bounce beam eyes. It is recommended that the eye be installed by a certified air smith or someone familiar with the operation of the marker.

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