Redz Envy 323 Pack 08

Redz Envy 323 Pack 08

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Re-Engineered for 2008 with sleeker lines, lighter weight, greater strength, and more unique features than ever, Redz’ ENVY 323 Packs carry your extra ammunition into the game strapped securely to your back.

A. Sure-Lock Gripping Ejection – Redz custom-engineered a unique elastic material with a sticky interior threading that stretches around, and grips the top of the pod, stabilizing it during transit, and quickly contracting to eject the pod when released.

B. Monogrammed Identity – Taking a cue from “haute couture”, we monogrammed our logo on the main pouches and straps of the pack. Nothing else in paintball looks this hot!.

C. Dual-Layer Snug-Straps – Four layers of elastic at two different tension strengths first pull the top of the pack into the small of the back first, then secure the bottom of the pack to your hips. Translation: the pack and its payload stay anchored to your body, even when fully loaded.

D. High capacity – The 323 Pack carries nine pods in a combination of quick-release pouches and elastic straps.

E. Dual-Layer Belt – the belt itself flexes and stretches independently from the pack, so your ammo stays in place yet also moves with you whether you’re running, sliding, diving, or crawling.

F. Highest Quality Materials – Redz upped the ante by using high-denier nylons, extra-strong Velcro, and custom-dyed fabrics to ensure the highest quality construction and maximum durability.

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