Proto Rail PMR Paintball Gun 2010 w FREE GREY ROTOR


Proto Rail 2010 PMR Paintball Gun

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over the field, the Proto Rail� is your stepping stone to greatness.
High-end performance in a durable and reliable setup, the Proto Rail�
is for the serious competitor. Featuring  Boost� Forward Technology,
giving you a cushioned push on the ball and delayed bolt speed for
increased air efficiency and high rate of fire. REDESIGNED FOR 2010 All
new 3-D milling, color coded seals for simplified maintenance, and a
host of other features make the 2010 Rail the gun of choice. The
durable Rail� solenoid features consistent airflow, and with a dwell of
18 milliseconds, you get super fast cycle speeds. The small, light
Hyper3� In-Line Air Regulator comes standard. The Hyper3� regulator
provides high flow and smooth velocity adjustment, with non-slip grip
rings. The ultimate in ergonomic comfort, the Ultralite� 45 Frame with
fully adjustable trigger, comes standard on the Rail�. The solid
construction consists of an aluminum body, bolt, Ultralite� 45 Frame
and trigger. We�ve designed the Rail� with the goal of providing you
with top-level performance at a reasonable price. Comes with a durable
zippered gun case, parts kit, Dye Slick Lube, and 9-volt battery to
keep your paintball gun of choice at its peak level. The Rail� is
available in Black, Camo, Claret, Clear and

Airforce 1.



  • Two piece 14� Micro Honed proto barrel
  • New increased flow Hyper3� in-line air regulator
  • Anti-chop break beam eye system
  • 150psi Operating pressure with boost forward
  • Continuous 3d contoured body
  • Proto dual-density injection sticky grip
  • Led program control with 4 tournament modes
  • Ultralite� ergonomic 45 frame
  • New solenoid with increased durability and flow
  • Ultralite� aluminum trigger
  • Proto on/off airport
  • Adjustable clamping feedneck with thumbscrew
  • Compact and lightweight body styling
  • Metal eyeplates and back cap

  • BPS: 20+
  • Tournament modes: PSP, MILLENIUM
  • WEIGHT: 1.95 LBS = 885 grams
  • DIMENSIONS: L8.5�, H7.25�, W1.25�

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