Paintball Scuba HPA Tank Fill Station

Fill your tank….

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This fill station will allow you to fill your compressed air paintball tanks from a scuba tank. Color may vary.

  • You paintballers can use it for filling high pressure nitrogen/compressed air tanks.
  • Stop paying those high prices at the paintball field for compressed air fills!!
  • With this fill station, you can fill your nitro tank with compressed air from your scuba tank at a fraction of the cost. Your SCUBA tank can be filled at your local dive shop (my dive shop only charges $3.00 to fill the entire scuba tank).
  • With scuba tanks, you can also take your air with you for those games away from the field.
  • The Gauge on our scuba fill stations will let you see how much pressure is left in the Scuba tank when the pressure in both tanks equals out, and before you disconnect your HPA tank from it.
  • This fill station includes the scuba yoke, the female quick-disconnect for your nitro tank, a tank pressure gauge, and a bleed valve (Everything in the Picture).

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