Nxe Elevation Harness 3+2+2 Alex Fraige Signature Edition 08/09


Nxe Elevation Series Harness 3+2+2 Alex Fraige Signature Edition 2008

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In designing the 08’ Series Harness we put a tremendous emphasis on increased comfort, flexibility, and style. By narrowing and contouring the Body Wrap Belt, pressure-forming and applying a Grip-TEC material to the back panel, and using High-end 1680 Denier nylons throughout, the 08’ Elevation Series Harnesses are a new and improved version of the #1 Harnesses in the game.


* Third generation ground-breaking body wrap system comprising:
* •4 piece body wrap belt system
* •Pressure formed impact absorbing back panel with technically engineered “Grip-Tec” friction inducting material
* •Rubber neoprene coated lumbar support spheres

* Ergonomically enhanced newly designed front closure provides superior comfort, ease of use and style.

* Softer, Thinner, Stronger Seatbelt Material Pull Straps for Maximum Durability and Ease of Use

* S2 Technology Friction Reduced Pod Ejection System w/ Non-Slip Elastic Ejector

* Specially Selected Denier Elevation Nylons Guarantee Maximum Durability and Ultimate Style

* Holds Up to 9 Pods

* One Size Fits All

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