NXE Avalanche 68 Cover


NXE 07 Avalanche 68 Cover

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  • First and foremost, your tank
    cover should serve to protect the tank. To accomplish this, NXE used
    heavy duty, impact absorbing neoprene for the tank cover. They added a
    rubber skid pad to the bottom of the cover, with a layer of molded foam
    below it. This will protect your tank cover from the toughest of
  • It should provide the user with added function from
    the tank, and stabilize the user’s shooting platform. You can’t shoot
    your opponent if your bottle is sliding all over your shoulder. To
    provide the most stable shooting platform, NXE used a tank specific
    molded butt cap, with a five piece grip system. This ensures that
    whatever angle or position you hold the tank in, the tank cover will
    securely grip to you.
  • To make sure that the cover fits well on the bottle, they employ a locking zipper, Velcro grip strap, and internal grip system.


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