New Designz NDZ Shocker LP Stinger Bolt – NXT,SFT


New Designz Stinger Bolt Nxt-sft

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New Designs Stinger Bolt NXT-SFT

Simply put, these bolts rock. The smoothest operating bolt kit that you will find.. Anywhere !!! Expect shot counts ranging from 1200 to 1300+ shots using a 68/4500 psi tank. Our refined high performance kit greatly enhances airflow while reducing o-ring friction. Heck, its even an officially licensed product.

  • revised bolt thats 2.6gr. lighter than before

  • improved shot count

  • NDZ bolts can run the lowest input pressures due to larger volume capcity
  • ultra flow aluminum bolt that’s now even lighter and takes up LESS internal volume for lower input pressures
  • helps eliminates first shot drop off (FSDO) by reducing friction
  • ultra smooth operation using low o-ring friction and very smooth surface finishes
  • increased R.O.F.and in many cases maxed out

  • includes new rear bumper

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Weight 5 lbs


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