KM Spine Rotor Loader Feed System

KM Spine Rotor Loader Feed System

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The KM Dye Rotor Spine speed feed has quickly become a player favorite in loader quick feed systems. Professional paintball players choose to use it because of its durability and reliability. We all know every second counts on the paintball field and the Spine speed provides the fastest way to load your paintballs into your hopper.

The Spine Rotor feed has 8 long arms that are weighted in order to make it very easy for the weight of the paintballs to push down the paddles and enter the loader. The small flaps on the outside of the Dye Rotor Spine speed feed keep all of your paint securely in the loader.

Easy installation and the Lifetime Warranty make this the #1 choice for loader quick feeds. No more need to keep replacing broken quick feeds, the Spine speed feed comes with a manufacturer’s full lifetime warranty and is guaranteed to last.


  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty
  • Virtually Indestructible Material
  • High coverage area to protect from the elements
  • Excellent Memory / when the flaps are bent or stretched they will go back to their original shape and not sag or droop.

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