J&J – JJ Ceramic Barrel – One Piece


JJ Ceramic barrel offers the least amount of friction of all the aftermarket barrels…

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Ceramic barrels offer the least amount of friction of all the aftermarket barrels. Perfect for back yard players looking for the best accuracy for the least amount of money. This is also one of the most quiet barrels, we have found.

The J&J Ceramic Barrel is a lightweight and accurate barrel. The J&J barrel is produced of a hard ceramic and has a teflon coating that reduces friction in the barrel and self cleans as you fire. No more stopping in a fire fight to swab your barrel. Let your barrel self clean as you continue to fire. There will always be time later to detail your equipment.

If you are looking for a great one piece barrel then take a closer look at the J&J Ceramic. The J&J provides more perks than your average barrel!

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