GI Milsim Gravity Loader .50 Caliber

GI Milsim Gravity Loader .50 Caliber

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The GI Milsim Gravity Feed 50 cal paintball loader is for the player that prefers a mechanical paintball gun. Designed specifically for 50 caliber non- electronic paintball guns and field rental markers. Simplistic usage and modern aesthetics are melded together for GI Milsim’s loader cornerstone. Ideal for pump action game play and recreational field play the GI-L350 is versatile for almost all game types.


  • .50 cal (12.7mm)

  • 350 ball capacity

  • Spring Loaded flip cap

  • Gravity Feed

  • Low Profile Design

  • Minimal Frontal Surface area

  • High Impact ABS Shells

  • Sleek modern style and shape

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