Exalt Paintball Tank Cover

Exalt Paintball HPA Protective Tank Cover 09

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The unique design & material of the Exalt tank cover allows the one size to be used on any tank size from 45ci to 68ci. Made from a high quality elastomer the tank cover contains features to provide superior shoulder grip even in the wettest playing conditions, while the inner side provides a secure grip with any tank to eliminate any movement or slop found in other tank covers.

The centers can be cut out so that they can be used on the front half of the tank, allowing the possibility of using 2 covers to protect the whole tank. The user can simply use 1 cover mounted on the rear half of the tank or even cut down the covers to suit the users preference.

* One Size Design
* Fits 45ci-68ci
* Superior Grip
* Can easily be modified to allow front tank mounting or a shorter rear grip style

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Weight 5 lbs

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