Empire Reloader B Loader


Empire Reloader B Electronic Paintball Hopper

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The most
advanced loader in paintball that can achieve up to 22+bps with any color paint
shell. The Reloader B has patented Sound Activation Technology insures that
every shot fired the spring driven, true force feed system loads a ball every
time. The Reloader B has a lightweight, streamline, polycarbonate body
construction keeping it extremely durable on the field. The Empire Reloader B is
possibly the fastest loader in Paintball. It is very similar to the Halo B in
that it is a force fed loader. The big difference is that it uses sound
activation so it isn’t affected by dark shelled paint like standard Halos can
be. Each Empire Reloader B comes featured with:

  • Polycarbonate diamond body construction
  • Reinforced feedneck
  • Soft-touch micro power switch
  • Adjustable sound activation sensitvity
  • Spring driven, true force feed system
  • Built-in
    RIP drive system

  • Sound Activated
  • Auto Turn off allows you to conserve Power
  • Low Battery LED
  • Able to work with 6 AA or optional 4 AA batteries
    The board adjusts the power to the motor depending on the batteries used. Using
    4 AA batteries will make for a very light hopper

  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Glitter Flake in shell (for the Diamond Shell

  • Rip Drive Installed Standard!
  • 3-Speed Adjustable board. Achieves up to 22+ bps
    with any color shell paintball.
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    Weight 5 lbs


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