Empire Battle Tested THT MERC Vest


Empire Battle Tested THT MERC Vest

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The Mercenary: the go anywhere, do anything soldier of fortune. If that sounds like you, our all new MERC vest is designed to help you accomplish your mission. This full MOLLE vest has enough space to mount everything a soldier needs on the battlefield. A heavy gunner can mount 4 of the 3+4 pod pouches to carry an unbelievable 28 pods, or almost 2 full cases of paint! It doesn’t stop there, because there’s still room to add more pouches like the bottle pouch for air tanks and even a pistol holster! The MERC vest includes a VelcroTM name plate area, built-in hydration sleeve, plus a drag handle so no warrior is left behind. The versatility of the MERC vest offers serious paintball players multiple vest configurations for any mission loadout.


  •     Breathable mesh main body.
  •     Zippered pockets to stash maps, intel, or ID.
  •     MOLLE loops for accessories.
  •     Built-in hydration sleeve.
  •     D-rings ready to hang grenades.
  •     Adjustable side straps for a secure fit.
  •     Drag handle.
  •     Belt loops to eliminate bounce.
  •     Area for VelcroTM patches.

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