Electro/nitro Kit VL Include 48ci Tank w Loader


VL Electro/nitro Kit Include

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Electro/nitro Kit
Includes ViewLoader Evlution 3 & 48/3k

the newest addition from the Viewloader family. This loader comes equipped with Z board, which will allow you up to 22 balls per second feed ability.

Loader Features:

* 23 balls per second feed rate
* 200 ball count capacity
* Jam-free 6 blade flexible paddle
* Spill proof spring loaded lid can be locked
* LED low battery indicator
* Vision system recognizes dark or black shell paintballs

Tank features:

* Highest available flow rate for a screw in system of any kind.
* 500 shots per fill
* Compact lightweight design.
* “Rock Solid” performance output.
* Dedicated fill port.
* Micro gauges as standard equipment.
* Industry standard 5/8-18 pressure vessel mounting threads.
* “High flow dump channels” to permit total venting prior to regulator disengagement.
* The highest quality polyurethane o-ring seals used through out.
* Corrosion resistant internals for long life and severe use applications.
* Stainless steel fill nipple and check strut assembly.
* Full line of parts kit support.
* Main bodies machined from billet aerospace grade aluminum.
* Safety set screws holding body halves secure.
* Fully automated CNC machining from start to finish.
* ISO certified anodizing.
* Meets Military Spec. MIL-I-45208A.
* Machine facility utilizes SPC practices.

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