Eclipse Koko Backpacks 2011

The neat and compact 2011 Eclipse Koko backpack 

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The neat and compact 2011 Eclipse Koko backpack is a lightweight addition to the range that demands attention! In the inside of the 2011 Eclipse Koko backpack there is enough room to fit your files & folders or a small laptop into the padded/protective section. Two neoprene pockets are on hand to provide convenient storage for your Music Player / Cell Phone or gaming device. Simple slide and zip pockets are ideal for pens and tools.

The 2011 Eclipse Koko backpack works great with laptops, ipods, iphones, and hand held gaming devices.


    * Padded section for folders/Laptop

    * Light & compact

    * Padded straps

    * External and internal zip pockets

    * Custom neoprene device pockets

    * Front zip pocket

    * Multi-purpose pockets

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Weight 4 lbs

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