Dye C10 Paintball Jersey


Dye C10 Paintball Jersey

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The Dye C10 Jersey is Dye’s most advanced jersey to date. The jersey features thumb slots that prevent your sleeves from sliding up. The C10 Jersey is also constructed with a significant amount of vented material to keep you cool under fire while reducing weight. Dye has introduced compression formed, open cell foam shoulder pads, the first of its kind. These pads conform to the body, providing a more comfortable fit and better protection. The C10 jersey also features a re-designed comfort fit v-neck collar and of course patented DyeTack.


  • Dyetack – Patented DyeTack technology is a direct injection process that bonds to the material of the jersey. DyeTack is a durable polymer creating a friction point that stabilizes marker position. We invented DyeTack in 2002, since then we have perfected the level, position and density of DyeTack to ensure optimal tank stability. Everyone else has tried to imitate this patented process. If it’s not DyeTack™, it’s not real.
  • 3D Contour Padding – We have redefined the level of protection once again. Compression formed, open cell foam shoulder pads. These molded pads are contoured to the shape of the shoulders, and extend across the chest, maximizing coverage. These new pads are always in the proper position. No matter how you move, the pads move with you.
  • Venting – Paintball is a fast paced sport and venting is critical. Our open port mesh venting helps to channel heat away from the body. It works with your body’s natural cooling system, pushing heat out to the sides and under arms, and keeping the area around your chest cool. The C10 has significantly more venting than the C9. It’s featured in the entire sleeve, lower back, outside torso, and shoulder segments. This results in exceptional airflow combined with light weight breathability, delivering a jersey that is true performance.
  • Glove Cuffs – The cuffs on the C10 Jersey have been designed to provide greater flexibility to the wrist and hand, offering freedom of rotation. The unique underside of the cuff design extends to the center of the hand, providing protection to the base of your palm. The thumb-hole in the cuff secures the sleeve in place with or without gloves.
  • Comfort V-Neck Collar – The lightweight v-neck collar features an anatomical correct fit while providing pure comfort. The C10 v-neck is designed with a light-weight stretch nylon construction. The contoured panel assembly ensures that the jersey moves with you. The collar is secured with reinforced stitching, and the neckline is double layered for added comfort.
  • No Fade Sublimination – Our graphics are sublimated for a no fade style. This process ensures that the graphics stay crisp and clean.
  • Padded Elbows – The protective material used for the elbow padding is lighter in weight, resulting in more flexibility and an overall reduced weight of the jersey. The pads begin at the wrist and extend well past the elbows, providing ultimate arm protection. Today’s game is more intense than ever, requiring fast moves and aggressive slides. By reducing injuries, you can stay more focused on winning.

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