Crossfire 45/4500 Nitro Tank – 45ci 4500psi – SPECIAL


This 45/4500 psi fiberwrap tank is from Crossfire… (click image for details)

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If you want a consistent, durable nitrogen system, look no further. Used by some of the top pro teams around the world, Crossfire means top quality.Crossfire tanks have become one of the industry top standard tanks for a reason… They’re well priced, reliable, and pretty light. With this winning combination, it’s no wonder these tanks are sported on a majority of professional setups. Crossfire boasts their tanks have the highest flow in the game. To prove it, they show up to every major event with liquid filled gauges to challenge any competitor.


  • 45ci bottle is light and compact
  • Carbon fiber wrapped
  • Will give you 800 shots with a full fill
  • Output pressure is preset to 450 psi Low Pressure (LP) or 850 psi High Pressure (HP)

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Weight 5 lbs


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