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Check It Uni-mount has been the best selling ASA of all time…

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Check It Uni-mount has been the best selling ASA of
all time.  It was recently redesigned to make it even more perfect than
before.  The newly designed uses a rail instead instead of a cage. 
That makes it easier to remove the ASA.  With the original Uni-mount, it was
a hassle and time-consuming when you needed to remove your asa, but
now it is quick and easy with the micro rail.

This is the most versatile and convenient ON/OFF adapter available. Mounts onto any standard bottomline
configuration.  The Check It Uni-mount II ON/OFF adapter features knurled cap
for easy turning and a Pressure relief system to dump the air stored in the
line when your done playing. That means that when your finished playing for
the day, you just unscrew the knob a little, and it degasses air that was
in your gun.

Many tournament players prefer this type of ASA over a
drop forward, because it creates less of an exposed target, and it keeps your
elbow in tighter. 

This unit does not use a cage but a micro rail to
attach the marker.

Please note the color for this
is ALL dust black
.  More colors will be available

This was just released, so be the first to
own one !!

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