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Angel A1 Fly.

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The demo gun is in great shape and in perfect working condition.  No scratches. Comes with full Angel warranty. Comes with two set of grips (stock white grips and black angel grips)

Reliable – Angel A1 Fly Paintball Gun 09 thoroughly field tested by Stockholm Joy Division during the 2007 NPPL and Millennium tournaments and to devastating effect in early 2008 Millenniums.

Lighter – Angel designers and engineers have tried to remove as much material as possible – without compromising the structural integrity and typical design flair of the FLY.

Faster – Angel A1 Fly’s cycling speed, because the lighter hammer reacts even faster.

Lower Operating Pressure – even more gentle on paint

More Efficient –  1800 + shots per 68cu" due to the all new Magno Valve

Less Recoil – due to the lighter hammer   which aids in reducing reciprocating mass.

Greater Accuracy – the lighter hammer results in considerably less recoil and increased accuracy.

Improved Traction Control – all new fly paper creates even more stability – improved feel and touch in wet greasy conditions – replaceable inserts in the important gun/player interface areas.

Zero Lateral Trigger Movement – all new trigger and trigger retention mechanism –   NEW super-lightweight blade style trigger incorporates the standard ANGEL four way adjustability and the NEW mounting mechanism which results in absolutely ZERO lateral movement.

New In Line Regulator – Angel A1 Fly Paintball Gun 09 now features a standard thread regulator mount which allows you easy access to the regulator internals for easy servicing and maintenance.

Even Kinder on Fragile Paint – completely re-designed valve system – the Magno Valve uses magnetic repulsion to assist in valve closure. The advantages being lower pressure operation. Couple this with the incredible KISS Technology and the FLY will shoot more fragile paint than any other marker on the planet.

Re- Designed Micro-Arm Lever Lock Feed Tube Clamp – lighter and smaller and less likely to be inadvertently snagged open.

Composite Barrel Tip – super light, super accurate composite barrel tip by SLY.

Three Piece Eye Cover Straps – color co-ordinated.

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