Warrior Halo/Reloader B War Feed


Warrior Halo/Reloader B War Feed 2007

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The New Warrior Paintball War Feed is a great upgrade for any Hopper.  The War Feed is built from a durable composite with a reinforced body design.  The revolutionary flex mold technology keeps the War Feed in good condition and makes it easier to load you paintballs into the hopper. The War Feed is easily installed on any Halo A, Halo B, Halo TSA, Revolution, Reloader B, or Reloader B2 Hopper.  This new system allows you to quickly fill your hopper without wasting the time of opening or closing the lid on your hopper.  This system allows you to keep yourself in the game while you reload.  Refilling your hopper is a two handed project with all hoppers, but with this new technology it’s as easy as dumping your paint in.  

When a pod is dumped into the hopper, the paddles on the War Feed are depressed to allow the paintballs into the hopper.  When all of the paintballs are loaded into the hopper, the paddles reset and keep the paintballs in your hopper.  The War Feed is very reasonably priced and will keep you in the game longer.  This is a must have for any tournament or recreational player.  



  • Easily Installed On All Halo B Or Reloader B Hoppers
  • Light Weight Design
  • Reinforced Body Structure
  • Quick Paint Loading

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