VIRTUE Vlocity Loader Upgrade Chip

The Virtue VLocity chip is the first and only Viewloader approved VLocity upgrade.

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VIRTUE Vlocity Loader Upgrade Chip Key Features

Virtue Vlocity Chip – Click for Video!


  • Adjustable Feed Rates up to 35BPS – set the target feed rate from 15 to 35 balls per second.
  • Dramatically Improved Battery Life – Batteries now last up to 3x as long!
  • Preset Modes – Choose from preset hopper settings custom designed for Xball, Semi, Ramping, Millennium & Reballs or
  • Custom User Definable Mode – specify the precise settings of your VLocity with thousand of possible combinations
  • Breakout Setting – "one touch" Breakout Setting instantly configures your hopper & tension settings for max feed rates on the breakout.
  • Adjustable Tension – 12 force settings allow you to precisely control the pressure on the ball stack for increased out of the gate speed, improved battery life, and gentliness on paint.
  • Decreasing Stack Tension (DST) – save battery power & improves performance by allowing you to set the stack tension to decrease over time when your gun is not shooting.
  • Electronic Anti-Jam Logic – Adjustable anti-jam setting allows you control the anti-jam logic to compensate for brittle or hard shelled paint.
  • Instant Unjam – Just tap the button to manually clear a jam.
  • Smooth Drive Operation – enhanced motor programming to allow for smoother, more consistent feeding & reduced wear on the internals.
  • Battery Mode Setting – Optimize performance based on the use of Lithium Ion or Alkaline batteries
  • Low Battery Indicator – LED alerts you when your batteries are at 25% battery capacity
  • Sleep Mode – save batteries with 10 minute idle sleep mode
  • Easy Programming Menu similar to Virtue gun software
  • Viewloader Factory Approved – Only upgrade that will not void your warranty
  • Exclusive Reball Certification – Factory approved best upgrade for using Reballs
  • Breakout mode explained: Before the start of a game, you can prime the loader with maximum Tension and Target Feed Speed by putting it into Breakout Mode. To do this, with the loader on, hold the program button down for 1 second, or 3 seconds. The LED will now Flash Green indicating that the loader Tension Setting and Target Feed Speed are maxed out and will remain in that state for 30 seconds if you held the program button for 1 second, or Breakout Mode will last for 60 seconds if you held down the program button for 3 seconds. You can re enable the breakout mode time at any time by holding in the program button for an additional 1 or 3 seconds.

The Virtue VLocity chip is the first and only Viewloader approved VLocity upgrade. We’ve also worked closely with Reball to develop a custom "Reball" mode so Reballs feed faster and more reliably than ever before. Reball has awarded the Virtue VLocity chip their exclusive "Reball Certification" award – the best upgrade for using Reball in your VLocity.

300% increase in battery life observed during our on-field trials!

The Virtue VLocity chip programs just like a Virtue board, placing thousands of easy-to-use, customizable options at your fingertips. Now you can set the exact rate of fire you want your VLocity to feed from 15-35bps. Default presets for your style of play include, X-ball, Millennium, NPPL, Ramping, or Reball, the Virtue VLocity chip can be put into one of these modes and performance as well as battery life will be optimzed for that style of play. Or use the custom preset option, and control all the precise settings exactly how you want them.

Faster than ever, easier than ever, with a lifetime warranty and exclusive Reball and Viewloader certifications. Virtue, Upgrade the Engine.

"Oh sh!t, oh sh*t, that’s fast! The best upgrade for using Reball in your VLocity!" – Alvaro Mesquita, Manager of Reball

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