Virtue .45 Grips Argyle Bullets SoftTact

Virtue Argyle Bullets SoftTact™ .45 Grip

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Machine gun your way down the field in style with Virtue® Argyle Bullets SoftTact .45 Grips. Available in Black, White, Blue, and Red.

SoftTact™ Rubber Grips featuring Thin Rigid Grip Panels for Better Control. Thumb and Finger Indentations with Raised Graphics for Better Gripping. Professional Quality Designs by Virtue® Used by the Top Pros in Paintball.

IMPORTANT: Because these are thin panel grips, 4 small black screws are provided. Use supplied grips screws or risk damage to your gun! Overtightening of screws may cause damage to you gun.

Argyle Bullet Grip Features:

* SoftTact: Soft, Tactile rubber creates a comfortable grip that is soft to the touch, yet rigid and firm enough to withstand the rigors of paintball.
* Finger Grooves with Raised Graphics Prevent Slippage
* Thin, Rigid Panels for Better Control
* Proper LED alignment windows for Virtue® Intimidator & Shocker boards.
* Fits all standard .45 grip frames including: Ion, Shocker, Intimidator Epiphany, Pro/Bushmaster Freestyle, Impulse, Automag, Autococker, etc.

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Weight 5 lbs

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