Tippmann Response Trigger RT Kit for A5, X7, 98C/Pro/Salvo

Tippmann Response Trigger RT Kit A5, X7, 98C/Pro/Salvo

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Turns your Tippmann into a retroactive trigger. Comes complete with all the fittings and directions to install it yourself. Pull the trigger and the auto response pushes the trigger back at twice the force. This gives it a bounce feel for ultra fast firing.


The response trigger is a drop-in kit for the Tippmann 98 Custom , Pro, and US Army Project Salvo. This will NOT fit on the regular Tippmann 98.

Response trigger kit increases your trigger speed by resetting the
trigger and sear with excess gas during firing. This gas is used to
operate a cylinder behind the trigger to do the resetting. The pressure
of your finger on the trigger pulls it back to fire the next shot. The
speed is determined by the amount of flow through the Flow Control
adjuster on the side. The upper limit on the rate of fire is set by
this adjuster.
Capable of up to 15 Balls Per Second.

The 98 Custom Platinum is already compatible with this Kit and does
not require Tippmann Part Number 98-21R for proper installation.

** Please Note, 98-21NR Power Tube is no longer included with this
kit. Tippmann Part Number 98-21NR Power Tube is needed for older 98
Customs that do not already have a compatible Power Tube with Air Port. Or you could use aftermarket power tubes such as NDZ, DOP, or Trinity.

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