Tippman Patrol Paintball Vest

Tippman Patrol Paintball Vest

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Tippman Patrol Paintball Vest


Look for the Tippmann Patrol Vest to carry all the gear you need. You can carry up to six 140 round tubes. Patrol vest features a tank pouch, utility pockets, map, ID and radio pouches. Adjustable shoulder straps and side straps feature with an internal Velcro belt for keeping the vest snug. This vest keeps you cool during intense performances with the breathable, lightweight nylon-webbed mesh construction. 



Breathable, lightweight nylon-webbed mesh base

Adjustable shoulder straps, side straps and internal harness system

4+2 140 round pod pouch configuration

Tank pouch, utility pockets, map, ID and radio pouches, integrated belt keepers

One size fits all

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Weight 2 lbs

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