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The “Spyder Type” marker is any paintball marker that consists of two stacked tubes to make up the body of the gun, and uses gas released during the firing cycle to re-cock the gun. This style of marker is by far the most popular beginner level marker in the world. Many different companies produce their own version of this type of marker. The general name for this type of marker is “blowback”.

Its important to know that all of these markers work exactly the same. While they may look a little different on the outside, the internal parts of all of these markers are virtually identical. That is why we named this instructional DVD “Blowback Markers 101”, not Spyder 101, Icon 101 or some other models name.

While this style of marker is one of the most popular markers in the world, it is also the one that gives the most people problems out on the field. Blowback markers require that you clean and service their internals almost every time you play. The most common problems that blowback owners experience is that the marker leaks, and or won’t re-cock. These problems are directly related to a lack of maintenance.

This Instructional DVD will teach you how to avoid these common problems, and how to fine tune the performance of your marker. It teaches you all about the differences in aftermarket barrels, how to adjust your trigger, how to find leaks, as well as goes in depth on various trouble shooting issues and upgrades. This DVD is perfect of any player looking to get the most performance out of their blowback marker.

What it covers:

A Complete Tear Down
Maintenance, Cleaning, and Rebuild
Advanced Trouble Shooting
Leak Detection
How to Adjust Your Electronic Trigger
An Overview of Potential Upgrades For Your Marker

Perfect for choice for those looking for a better understanding of their marker.

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