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This is latest version of the Lightening Bolt. We call it the L6…

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This is latest version of

the Lightening Bolt. We call it the L6. This bolt is the most innovative and

highest performing Ion bolt available.Just

16.5 grams, this bolt has virtually no kick. It is the lightest

ion bolt available, as well has the highest flow rate of any bolt.


Contoured Bolt Tip – The Lightening Bolt face

is contoured perfectly to fit the face of a .68 paintball. This means that the

least amount of stress possible is exerted on the ball during each shot. This

results in less ball breaks due to the force of the bolt hitting the ball. Not

only that, the front edge of the bolt is gently rounded to be even more gentle

on paint.

Hollow Bolt Tip -The hollow design allows

for maximum air flow, and maximum weight reduction.

Hollow Rear


– The rear shaft of our bolt is totally hollow, this drastically

reduces the weight even more. Less weight means less


The High Flow

Rib Cage

– The Lightening Bolt is know for its innovative rib cage design.

This allows for maximum air flow, and when combined with the hollow rear shaft

it makes for an even larger firing chamber. The new ribs allow for even more

flow than before.

Dual Rear Orings and Grease Channel

– The dual rear orings in combination with the grease

channel work together to keep the rear orings better lubricated and increase the

number of shots per tank you’ll get. The average increase is about 400 extra

shots per 68ci/4500psi tank fill. Overall its about 1700-1800 shots per


Please note that this has been replaced with the new and improved TechT L7 Bolt.

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Weight 7 lbs


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