TechT iFIT Precision Barrel Boring 6 Piece Kit

TechT iFIT Precision Barrel Boring 6 Piece Kit

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6 Piece iFIT Kit comes with the barrel thread of your choice as well as the following
6 inserts:

  • .685

  • .682

  • .679

  • .676

  • .673

  • .670

We have all been conditioned to believe that using
a 4-6 inch bore insert is the only way to successfully get the maximum
benefits of sizing your barrel to your paint. Testing however has shown
differently. We have found that only 1.75 inches is needed in order to
obtain maximum results. We have found that after the first 1.75 inches,
the paintball stops accelerating and the added length only adds drag
and the potential barrel breaks. What does this mean for you? It means
that with nothing more than the barrels you already have laying in your
gear bag, you can start sizing your barrel to your paintballs
correctly. The

iFIT Kit works with the barrels you all
ready have. It works with any barrel, on any gun. The iFit becomes your
new back, and any one-piece or two-piece (stepped bore) barrel becomes
your tip. It makes any barrel into the perfect match for your paint.

is a totally modular system that accommodates all the paintballs and
re-balls that are being sold today. After buying several brands and
grades of paintballs, and sizing them all, we have found that many
paintball manufactures have started manufacturing paint smaller than
.679 (smallest industry standard available). In many cases this change
to a smaller bore paintball means that your current set of barrels is
too big for the paint you are forced to buy. Using a barrel that is too
big means that you will have less accuracy, less efficency, and be more
apt to break paint in your barrel.

Rather than having to buy several expensive full
barrel backs, complete barrels of various bores, or trying to find
barrel inserts that don’t exist, one can save yourself time and money
with the iFIT. No other manufactures offer the range in bore sizes that
we do. The

iFIT Kit ranges in size from .692 down to .667. This is the largest range in bore sizes you will find from any manufacture.

also will save you money by only having one adapter per marker thread
as oppose to purchasing several backs with individual bore sizes.
Simply put, the

iFIT Kit is the most comprehensive kit available today.

iFIT comes in 2 different configurations, a 6 piece insert kit as well
as a 9 piece insert kit. Kits will come with the thread of your choice.
Additional backs and a “filler kit” are available for converting a 6
piece into a 9 piece kit. Currently our adapter bodies come in the
following threads: Autococker, A5/X7, Ion/Smart Parts, Model 98,
Spyder, A5 to Hammerhead, & Autococker to Hammerhead.

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