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TechT Etha MRT Bolt

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The TECHT MRT(MASS REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY) Etha Bolt has been engineered to maximize efficiency, and consistency.  By reducing the weight of the bolt by over 58% we were able to obtain a much smoother cycle. We were also able to gain another 20-25 fps. The TECHT Etha MRT Bolt utilizes the stock Etha Bolt rubber tip (not included).  As with all of our products it carries a Full Lifetime Warranty.

The TECHT MRT Etha Bolt utilizes a slightly softer spring which was made specifically for it’s overall weight.  We saw increases of 20-25 FPS gain when changing out the stock bolt for the MRT Bolt. Our increase in efficiency is due to the combination of the lighter overall weight and softer spring. The sound signature is also greatly reduced when adding the MRT Bolt due to the lower operating pressure and internal air distribution.

The Planet Eclipse Etha is a great shooting gun right out of the box for tournament players and scenario players as well. The TECHT MRT Bolt for the Etha makes a great shooting gun even better by making it more efficient, smoother, and quieter. The MRT Bolt for the Etha makes a great Gun Better!

  •     Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  •     Super Efficient
  •     Super Light
  •     Super Smoother
  •     Utilizes Stock Rubber Tip
  •     Spring Included
  •     Lifetime Warranty

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