TechT EBlade 202 Paintball DVD

This is the only video of its kind. It teaches you step by step the correct way…

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The eblade (or any version of an electronic Autococker) is considered by many as the most difficult paintball gun to maintain in working order. It requires more tweaking and adjusting than any other gun on the market. It s because of this required maintenance that many people opt to trade in there Autococker for a gun that requires less maintenance.
We have come up with a series of easy to follow steps that will keep any eblade shooting laser beams of paint. This video takes you through the entire set-up, and teaches you step by step how to maintain and tweak your Eblade, Worrblade or Select Fire trigger frames. This video will take any Eblade or Worrblade and make it shoot over 20 balls per second. We do this by teaching you how to input custom timing and trigger settings, as well as correctly adjust the pressures for the new timing settings. This video is must for any Electronic Autococker owner.

What it covers:

Maintaining and Adjusting the Hammer and Lug
How to Lubricate the Lug and Sear
Adjusting the Bolt, Back Block, and Cocking Rod
Installing Custom Timing Settings for 21 BPS
Fine Tuning the Pressures
Recommended Upgrades
Other Tips and Tricks

Image is a pic of Eblade 101, but this description is for 202. Sorry for confusion

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