TechT EBlade 101 Paintball DVD


This is the only video of its kind. It teaches you step by step the correct way…

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This is the only video of its kind. It teaches you step-by-step, the correct way to install and set up your eblade onto your Autococker. Nothing is left out in this video. We teach you all the little tricks that only Autococker techs know. In the end you will have a much better understanding of your marker, which will save your many headaches at the field, as well as expensive repairs.

What it covers:
Pre-Install Tear Down
Fitting the Breech Sensor: Drilling and Tapping the Body
Fitting the Grip Frame, and Solenoid
How to Change the Gun’s Speed Settings
How to Properly Set the Eye
How Navigate the Trigger Frames Basic Electronic Menus

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