Tadao Yakuza OLED Series Droid & Cyborg Board 07

Tadao Yakuza OLED Series Droid & Cyborg Board 07

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Developed in coordination with Miami Rage, this Yakuza Series board is designed for the MacDev Droid and Cyborg 07, and is the first aftermarket MacDev board to feature OLED display technology. OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays have numerous advantages over traditional LCDs. They have lower power consumption, higher contrast, and, due to the manufacturing process, are sealed, making them highly resistant to vibration and moisture. Unlike LCDs, each pixel of an OLED screen is a light emitting diode and emits its own light. This makes power consumption directly proportional to how many pixels are lit, making it easy to view even in direct sunlight.

All the necessary information is shown on the OLED screen, including eye status, battery life, current fire mode and max rate of fire, and a game timer. The settings are also easily adjusted through the full text based menu system.

Gone are the fragile trigger switch and power switch/battery harnesses. Instead, contact clips securely hold the battery in place, and the trigger switch is permanently mounted on the board. A set of Stinger Paintball Designs custom grips with viewing window is also included.

The Yakuza software takes a major step forward over the last iteration of Musashi. With all new hardware the asynchronous interrupt based trigger scan is monitored at 4 million times per second, with the microcontroller running at a full 16 Mhz. The fire modes have been consolidated, but include a few new adjustable parameters, giving even more flexbility than before. Notable settings include ramping percentage, screen text size, screen brightness, and settings profiles which can be used to save and load your settings for different formats and playing styles.

Included is Tadao’s industry first anti-breech bounce software, which helps to eliminate chops when a loader is running low on paint and isn’t capable of providing a steady feed rate. RF support is also present with the inclusion of a dedicated transmitter socket and wiring harness.

The circuit board is the most important part of any electronic paintball marker, and upgrading it can enhance all the performance characteristics. Tadao’s leading edge Yakuza Series provides the user with the ultimate in adjustability and speed.

* Yakuza Series OLED graphical display system shows eye status, battery life, current fire mode and max rate of fire, game timer, and menu system
* Includes white OLED display as standard
* Advanced microcontroller running at 16 Mhz
* Fully legal in the NPPL, PSP, and Millennium tournament series (13.3 bps and 12 bps compatible for 2008 rules!)
* Tadao’s industry first anti-breech bounce software reduces chopping when a loader is running out of paintballs
* RF socket and wiring harness included to support Magna, Pulse, and other RF transmitters
* Multiple modes of fire
o Unlimited semi-automatic
o Adjustable semi-automatic
o PSP ramping
o PSP 3-round burst
o NXL full-automatic
o Millennium
o Custom ramping
o Auto-response
o 3-round burst
o Full-automatic
* Tadao trigger logic asynchronously monitors the trigger switch, using an interrupt based scan at 4 million times per second for the quickest response time and fastest semi-automatic
* Tadao dynamic eye logic watches for the bolt to return every shot, cycling the marker as fast as possible
* Rate of fire adjustable from 10 to 30 bps, plus unlimited rate of fire, and a 0.5 ms fine tuning setting
* Adjustable ABS programming eliminates first shot drop-off
* AMB (anti-mechanical bounce) and CPF (cycle percentage filter) algorithms help to prevent mechanical and switch bounce without missing real trigger pulls
* G-mode setting allows 3 different options for every fire mode
* More than 1 billion unique ways to adjust settings
* Extremely easy to use graphical and text based menu system to change settings for nearly any variable, including debounce, dwell, loader delay, AMB, anti-bolt stick, fire mode, max rate of fire, fine rate of fire adjustment, eye mode, CPF, g-mode breakout, ramp start, ramp percentage, screen settings, settings profiles, and more
* All settings are stored in non-volatile memory so they are not lost when the battery is disconnected
* Power efficient software and hardware lengthen battery life
* One-touch startup enables the marker to fire almost instantly
* Uses spring battery contacts so there’s no wiring harness to break or wear out
* 80-gram trigger microswitch
* Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
* Free Yakuza software updates

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